Profits Suggestion Two

Talk much less and Pay attention much more

I have questioned countless numbers of gross sales industry experts this dilemma more than the previous 12 yrs.

How considerably time should really you speak during a income conference and how a lot time ought to your buyer converse, as a share?

The answers I receive are as superior as 80% the purchaser and 20% the profits person.

I then follow this issue up with a second question.

Take a look at your previous 10 profits meetings with prospective customers. How a lot time did you speak and how considerably time did your customer talk?

The responses here are quite different. In most instances the sales persons talk much far more than their customers do.

To get a definitive answer to this query, we have conducted investigate to test to remedy this dilemma, with meaningful quantitative figures.

Our Study

Over the past two years, we have analysed the product sales conversations of the top rated and bottom performers in 22 distinct organisations, to test to see what the optimum volume of time a profits specialist really should speak all through sales encounters.

When conducting the investigation, we assumed that the top rated sales performers have been operating optimally and as this sort of we employed the quantity of time they spoke as the ideal. Conversely, we assumed that the bottom performers were not running optimally and used the quantity of time they spoke as the worst-case state of affairs.


The outcomes ended up not at the substantial conclude of 80% listening and 20% speaking, as proposed by most product sales individuals through coaching classes, but in the circumstance of the major gross sales performers, they often listened more than they spoke.

THE Actual Success

Sales Man or woman Spoke

Consumer Spoke


Base Performers



Middle Performers



Leading Performers

As you can see from the exploration above, the top performers spoke about 40 % of the time and the customers spoke about 60 % of the time.

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