It’s That Time Of Year Already, And We All Need To Start Planning For Christmas! Are You Financially Ready For The Holiday Season?

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Once again, another year has snuck upon us, and we are now heading into the festive season. After a year like no other, many Australians are looking forward to festive celebrations and the end of an unprecedented year. 

As restrictions have now eased all over the country, as a nation, we are preparing for a “normal” Christmas. Everyone is looking forward to a bit of routine, including being able to visit friends and family in other states, or even just being able to go shopping at a store, and witness the familiarity of the Xmas rush. 

Westpac chief economist Bill Evans said, “Given the high degree of uncertainty this Christmas, it is a very encouraging sign that many are planning for a normal Christmas”. 

However, since this year has been so different many are re-evaluating their financial position and how they will be spending this holiday season. 

Every November, the Westpac-Melbourne Institute consumer sentiment survey lets us know people’s spending intentions heading into the end of the year, and the festive season.

For 2020, 11.5 per cent of those surveyed expected to spend more, while 32.3 per cent expected to spend less. While this may come off as a negative, economists were happy to see that the responses were actually in line with the long-running average that has been standing since they began receiving this data in 2009. So, despite the rough year, spending habits were steady and heading towards normal.

The sentiment of the responses is indicating that even after the gloom and loom of the lockdown period, everyone is really looking forward to a positive future. 

It is still essential that you are planning ahead to ensure that you and your family are financially ready for this season. One of the most expensive periods of the year can cause a strain financially if you end up spending more than you expected, which is why planning ahead is important. 

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