Vivo Y11 Review – Features and Specifications

The vivo y11 is a relatively new digital camera from Sony that features an advanced color spectrum camera sensor. This makes it one of the best bargain cameras on the market. The camera also features a self-cleaning mechanism, as opposed to many other cameras which require you to wipe smudges off with a cloth or paper. The Y11 was released with a 1 megapixel monochrome camera sensor, for low light situations. There is no optical zoom on this camera, unlike many of the other digital cameras out on the market.

Image Stabilization System

The Vivo Y11 features an image stabilization system that is built into the camera. It works very well and eliminates many of the problems you might have had with the earlier “scratch-and shatter” image stabilization systems found on digital cameras. Sony has added in image stabilization throughout all of the major hardware components of the camera, so you do not need to worry about the camera breaking down with bad weather conditions. In fact, it works great for video recording.

Video Mode

One of the features that sets the Y11 apart from others is the video mode. Many digital cameras limit the amount of recording you can do because they are not good at recording in either still mode or motion mode. The Y11 allows you to record up to two hours of video. You can then watch the recordings on your TV by connecting the camera to a TV through USB. You will need to have a TV that supports the HDMI specification in order to record videos, as most do not.

Self-cleaning Auto Focusing Lens

The Vivo Y11 features a self-cleaning auto focusing lens. This means that you do not have to constantly focus the lens when you take a picture. Instead, the lens automatically focuses itself, allowing you to snap a quick shot of a particular subject without having to worry about getting the focus wrong. This feature cuts down on the time it takes to get a great picture and improves your level of photography skills. You can also increase the depth of the photo by using the self-cleaning feature.

The Vivo Y11 offers two image stabilization features. One feature helps to reduce blurring when taking photos in low lighting conditions. The other feature stabilizes the picture when you take a picture in a bright lighted area, such as outdoors. This should greatly improve the picture quality, especially when trying to take pictures in bright outdoor conditions.

There are many features on the Vivo Y11 that can greatly improve the quality of your images. However, these features do not come cheap. The camera itself is more expensive than many digital compact cameras. You can save money by shopping online and looking for discount coupons. In addition, you can save even more money if you purchase the camera used, as it will be obsolete.