Why You Are Not Getting Reviews On Amazon

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Are you a seller on Amazon and are you wondering why you are not getting reviews? The good news is that there are things you could do that will not only help you get reviews on Amazon but also drive customers to your business.

Reviews are very important in the growth of a business since they will be one of the things customers will always look for before they decide to buy your product. If you have no reviews, this will discourage customers from purchasing your product and they will look for products with reviews.

Below, I’ll list ways on how to get Amazon reviews 2021 and you will not have to worry about not selling your products due to the lack of reviews.

  1.  Use The Request A Review Button

If you are already selling products on Amazon but customers are not leaving you a review, you can use Amazon’s request review button to let your customers know that you are interested in their review. It is very easy but highly effective in getting amazon reviews which will ensure the success of your business.

  1. Use Product Inserts

The use of product inserts is another verified way you can get amazon reviews. When you sell a product, instead of just packaging the product and shipping it, you include a small card with a personalized message thanking the customer for purchasing your product and asking them for a review.

This method is used by many businesses since it helps in creating a relationship with customers making them feel special and valid in the progress of your business. The Zonbase blog has more tips on this.  

  1. Using Amazon Vine Program

The Amazon vine program is a program dedicated to helping new sellers get reviews fast on Amazon. New sellers have trouble selling their products since they have no reviews and hence their products lack credibility. With the Amazon vine program, your product is shipped to professional and verified reviewers who will then leave a review for them.

This is a premium service so you will have to pay a small fee and give at least 30 units of your products to the Amazon reviewers. If they give you positive reviews, then you are guaranteed that your product is good and is a push in the growth of your business.

  1. Using Follow-ups

There are several follow-ups allowed by Amazon which are based on you contacting the customer personally and asking them for a review. Some common follow-up mediums are mail and Facebook messenger.  

This method is not highly used since it can be challenging to get the contact of customers since Amazon does not share personal information on the platform. The best way you can get customers’ contact details is by asking them directly. Once you have their contact, when their purchase is successfully delivered you can contact them through mail or Facebook messenger and ask for their review.

 Still Not Getting Reviews?

If you are still not getting reviews on Amazon, and you are confident your product is good. You can learn more ways to get Amazon reviews at ZB blog Amazon and you will have everything you need to prevail as a seller on Amazon